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Exchange and Return Policy

If the product does not comply or brought shortcomings, color, or other reasons, you can request a change of another of equal value or income, and request a refund of the money.

You can perform this procedure, the product must be new (not wear), which corresponds with the original packaging and labels.

Returned within 30 calendar days to do can buy play Day www.theanchorcumc.org this website.

If you have registered your details with the link theanchorcumc.org and "My Account" If the application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation order number.

If I return to what to buy?
Exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase website theanchorcumc.org

Similarly, you can return the situation defective product or workmanship defect to make it work according to three months after purchase theanchorcumc.org website.

How long will I need to replace the damaged product?
Time if you are damaged or after purchasing the date of purchase of three months theanchorcumc.org

What state is the product, I will exchange or refund?
Products is responsible for the original package, and the new subscription (no wear). Remember, you must return the enclosed proof of purchase.

I have to wait: I sent the product?
We will contact you to arrange the delivery of a new product or return the assets according to your wishes.

If I apply for a refund, for how long?
Recovery can take up to seven (7) days.

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