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Shipping & Returns

How should I send?
After ordering, they are bound to the house of their own, it can be turned Delivery gesture, or work in the country right. The need for all packets sent to the signature, but pray that it is a country suitable. If, when the message was left at home for an encounter with the other, you have to provide your card, the contact is partially free.

When the station?
If the price is not to be issued within two working days after the use of a credit card felis. You can send an email, we have sent to you to confirm the way.

As long as this is the tradition?
Serve night courier company address; tackle 5-10 working days (from the date they work, and that is not even on weekends and holidays, etc.).

You can call to order the goods, if the bid is delivered. My intention is that three working days for all orders, all that stuff, there is no need for more secure against items are available.

At that time, the increased busy times.

If you do not speak to you, through your tradition theanchorcumc.org the board of directors, or a dead faith does not pay as soon as possible for you, you have already received or resolved for all costs liberation of credit cards.

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